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November 【9 items with 2 hours of drinks all-you-can-eat 4000 yen】 3 cascading pots recommended by chefs ♪ "Trees of Trees" course

November 【9 items with 2 hours of drinks all-you-can-eat 4000 yen】 3 cascading pots recommended by chefs ♪ "Trees of Trees" course

By using a coupon4000 yen

★ In December the three great benefit party members have ★! ★

  • 9items
  • 260persons
  • All-you-can-drink available

Starting the original flavor bird menu, condensing what you can only taste at the course Gühu っ っ っ ぷ っ と! Moreover, it has become a voluminous full score with the pot, and a chicken depicting course without satisfactory mistake.Please enjoy it.※The photograph is an image.

Course menu

【Small bowl】 Today's small bowl

【Appetizer】 Fresh bird's raw ham-style kimchi

[Cold dish] chicken skin crisp salad

【Cooking】 Charcoal grill of chicken ~ Yuzu pepper served ~

【Fried】 Tuna tree special handmade fried chicken fried

【Nabitame】 Original Pot of Nabe ~ 3 kinds of choice of soup stock (Japanese soy sauce, Japanese miso, Sukiyaki)

【Chopstick break】 Salt sagger cucumber

【Adjective】 Selectable items - Champon noodles or rice cook (with eggs) ~

【Sweetness】 Today's sweetness

★ If you have a birthday, you can also prepare a plate, so please feel free to tell us when making a reservation ★

※ advance booking required (same day reservation required)

※ 2 hours with all you can drink (30 minutes before LO)

* The contents may change depending on the purchase situation.※The photograph is an image.

The limit time of the course is 120 minutes.

The last order of all-you-can-drink is 30 minutes ago.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Clear Asahi
· Black Nikka High Ball · Ginger High Ball · Cola High Bow · Lemon Squash High Ball
· Shochu
· Tou and (potato shochu) · Yan and (wheat distilled spirits)
·Plum wine
· Tenderness plum wine · rich plum wine
· Vigna Alvari sangria (red · white)
· [Cassis base] Cassis soda · cassis Orange · cassis grape · cassis oolong · cassis tonic 【peach base】 peach soda · fuzzy group / peach grape · regga punch · peach tonic 【lychee base】 lycheesada · lychee orange · litchi grape · lychee oolong · Lychetonic
· Sour · Shochu High
· Lemon Sour · Lime Sour · Grapefruit Sour · Orange Sour · Acerola Sour · Oolong High · Green Tea High · Jasmine Hiron High
· Almaden (red · white)
· Flavor distilled spirit
· Seasonal fragrance? (Cassis · Yuzu · Lychee)
·Soft drink
· [Pepsi · Cola · Ginger Ale · Tonic Water · Orange Juice · Grapefruit Juice · Lemon Squash · Acerola Juice · Calpis · Calpis Soda · Oolong Tea · Green Tea · Jasmine Tea
· ◆ Further upgrade with + 500 yen ◆
· 【Beer】 Draft beer (Asahi Super Dry) 【Shochu】 Satsuma Shiji (Potato Shochu) · Nobiru (Wheat Shochu) / Silver Wind (Rice Shochu) 【Wine · High Ball】 Jack Daniel 【High Bow】 Apple Wine High Ball 【Non alcohol beer】 Dry zero bottle
Reservation deadline
Until 21:00 on the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/10/31 update